What Is the Motive for So-called Aliens? Did Someone Say Its Halloween? Jackpot!

It breaks down like this:

1.) Elect angels operate in secret, but these so-called aliens are not really aliens at all: namely, they wear elaborate customs to experiment on children and others for mind experiments.

2.)  It is counter intelligence through controlling the memories of fallen sinners because of criminal evil that violate civil law.

3.)  There is no aliens in God’s creation, because what these loons have done is taken a post-World War II psychological warfare and garbed a hold of it to use it for a motive of the glory to cover-up crime so now they come in military cloths but its really like an imitation of Hollywood.

4.) The purpose of it is to mess up the story of the victim, but to also it is basically a war against elect angels who operate in secret good while these mad-man operate in a secret evil.

5.)  Atheists established what the deny, because it is actually spiritual regarding some things that they accomplish.

6.)  I am eyewitness testimony to such things, but its as simple as locating the crime, the people and making civil prosecutions to stop the evil that is against people who know something, or who is targeted for easy access, or who sort of criminal motive.